Thursday, 9 April 2009

Lots & Lots added to MISI shop

I am very pleased to say I have managed to update my recently opened Misi Shop which you can find here!

I was recommended Misi by a fellow crafter and thought it was a really cool website for the UK as I haven't been too keen on Folksy. Misi has a really good layout and features, also cheap to list and commission is quite low too!
The forums are great and the people really great too! I have already bought a few bits on there too and it was very easy to do transaction from a buyers point of view.
Also very good on the seller side as well as great fees, it is also real easy to list and you get views straight away even though the website is quite new!

People can buy from anywhere in the world and pay by paypal as well!
So after all the hustle and bustle of the shows I finally had time to update the shop... I will be updating my etsy shop as well very soon and then I will be taking pics of all the other new bits I have been making to upload too! Wow, how much I have to do!
In the meanwhile I also need to get everything ready for the arrival of our baby and give my son a great 3rd birthday party! I have already sent out the invitations but still have everything else to plan!!! AAAAHHHH!!! Lol
Don't forget anytime you want to peek at our shops just click on our shop links on your right!
And if you are feeling lucky don't forget to enter this month's give away!!!
Monica xxx

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