Friday, 10 April 2009

Perfect Little Purses at H@ndmade Cambridge

I went as a seller to do the H@andmade Cambridge Fair on the 4/4 which was last Saturday, I still have to update you on that soon!

I was 30 weeks pregnant (now 31 weeks) and we allready know its a little girl! Since I was setting up I couldn't keep my eyes off this little bunny!

There were quite a few bunnies on the table along with some cute purses and handbags but I just couldn't keep my eyes off this little cutie!
(I "borrowed" PLP's pic, hope they don't mind! ;) )

I didn't really have money to spend but I asked my dad to ask for me how much they were. My dad came back telling me to go choose one that he would get it for me!!!! Yay!!! I went and chose her but I must admit I was tempted with all the others too, it was kind of hard to definitely just take her home with me but I couldn't take them all!!!

This is a celebratory moment though because this is the first thing my dad bought for my daughter! My mum and dad already gifted her crib also but obviously this is the one thing she can keep forever and ever and pass on to her family also.

With my son, my dad also bought him a starbucks golf bear! It was the only thing he could find around Chelsea & Westminster hospital in London where I gave birth to my little Stefan almost 3 years ago now! But it is cherished all the same because it was my dad's first gift to my bundle of joy.

Well, you can be sure that this little bunny is gonna be the first thing I am gonna give to my Mylie when she comes into the world!

If you want your own bunny cuteness, pop over to Perfect Little Purses on Etsy and get yourself one! She also has a blog here which she posted a pic of all the bunnies she had at the fair on Wednesday... I was tempted by the little bunny in the blue dress too here she is.

I guess you knew I was nuts about bunnies by now!!!

Monica xx


TheresaJ said...

Well, congrats on your pregnancy! I love the name Mylie. I know a seller on Etsy,, who makes baby clothes -- or rather silkscreens designs on baby clothes. Great stuff. I've done a couple of shows with him and his stuff is adorable. Even has a little shirt with their company name on it -- Mylie. Check them out.

Cute bear too, and your Dad sounds like such a sweetie!

niftyknits said...

such a cute bunny! My daughter had a pink bunny when she was born, it's called "did" (no idea why) and she still has it. She's 22.

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