Friday, 7 August 2009

Swine Flu

We all know about the swine flu and specially us with little ones indoors are mortified by it!

My 3 year old son has been sick since about Thursday with fever, he's been getting better with Nurofen for kids but eventually the fever creeps back...he then started getting some phlem, a cough and a sore throat.

I have given him Nurofen, Calpol, some sweeties and syrup for his throat.
This morning he was burning up with fever again so I though I better call NHS Direct Helpline to get some advice.

So indeed I did and explained everything, they asked me some questions and then advised me to call the Pandemic Helpline. When I did they also asked me some questions and at the end they gave me a reference number to go and get the Tamiflu capsules for my son from the local swine flu clinic.

I went running like mad to get the capsules leaving my son and my 7 wk old baby girl with my grandparents (left on tip toes so my son wouldn't notice I left otherwise there would be crying galore!).

To my luck when I get there (out of breath and looking like I'm homeless lol) they tell me that I need the ID of both me and my son, which I didn't have!
So here I go again, running like mad to get home and pick up our ID's and back again... All this stressing about my son and my daughter because if she woke up she would need breast feeding and she was already asleep for 4 hours so she could wake up any min!
When I got there luckily there was no one in front so I got served straight away and ran back home again like a mad woman!
Luckily my little one was still asleep and I managed to give my son the medication mixed with a spoonful of yoghurt.

As you imagine I am absolutely terrified, not only for my son but for my 7 wk old girl too. On top of that my family has all been in contact with my son while sick and my untie is currently in labour!

I pray that everything and everyone will be fine and thank all my Twitter followers for all their support so far.

I will let you know what happens.

Monica xxx


sarasophia said...

poor dear!

i hope everything is alright!

i'll be keeping your family in my thoughts and prayers<3


misi said...

Poor little man, hope he gets better soon xx

babalisme said...

I can relate to this, even the mildest common cold can send us mommies to panic attack, let alone swine flu!! Good luck, dear, I hope all will be going just fine for you and your family!

Kristie said...

Wow- must have been very scary with your new baby girl! My 3 y/o son has been coughing for the past few days and has a runny nose, but no fever- so far. Our baby girl is only 10 days old today. I'm trying my best to keep them very far apart!

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