Monday, 24 August 2009

Twitter Addict

They say the first step to recovery is to admit you are addicted...So...I am a Tweeter addict!!!

There, I said it! It all started innocently, I had set up a tweeter account ages ago and never really went on it...until I discovered a Twitter application for my iPhone!

For some silly reason my new baby girl feeds much better (and amazingly gets less wind!) if I breast feed her laying in bed, so naturally I get bored while doing this so started tweeting away and now this is my vice while b'feeding!

It's addictive, it's like when you have something on auction on eBay! You just have to keep on constantly checking!!!

I must say there are some wonderful people on there!

One of them being Karin that runs, which is an awesome website, it even has great competitions to enter! There is also a great page on there with loads of businesses run by mummies like me...I'm on there too!

So go and visit

Find us on twitter as @myfunnybunny!
Tweet you later!

Monica xxx

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