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Apple iPad 2 Arrives- A Gadget Dad Preview

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Bring on 11th and 25th March!!

Apple released the iPad 2 on 2nd March and there has been some mighty good changes. Sadly for some peoples wish list's there is certain changes that did not make it to the iPad 2 like the USB port, SD card slot and Flash player.

Despite the shortcomings from the fans wish lists the new iPad 2 is truly remarkable.

I mean how did Apple manage to take the iPad and make it 33% thinner, 2 times faster, 9 times better graphics, lighter and also managed to give it the same 10 hours battery life!

Apple just amaze me each year when they bring out a new product for the current line and make it better.
The iPad 2 is aso thinner than the iPhone 4!!

The 4.3 iOs update will also be coming out with the release of the iPad 2 on the 11th March.
It will bring improved Safari browsing that runs twice as fast, wireless streaming through iTunes Home sharing, AirPlay improvements to help find your Apple TV with no configuration needed, PhotoBooth software for the cameras (back and front facing), FaceTime between most iOS devices (iPhone, Mac, iPad).

Apple also showcased a new type of case called the Smart Cover, these look really awesome and will be available in a rainbow of colours and finishes. The new Smart Cover attaches itself to the iPad by means of magnets and folds open so that the user can use it as a video stand for FaceTime or even as a perfect stand to do typing, it even puts the iPad to sleep when you cover the screen and wakes it up when opened. Unfortunately this will cover only the front of the screen.

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The new iPad 2 will be available in Black or White, this time we are promised that we will be getting the white one unlike the white iPhone 4 that was a bit like a white elephant, maybe they surprise us with the iPhone 5?

This is going to be a truly amazing device for 2011 and i dont think any other tablet is going to beat it.

For a more in depth specs please visit the Apple here where you can see a cool video of the Smart Cover in action.

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