Wednesday, 4 November 2009

My Egg Nest - Mother & Baby Mega Give Away

My Egg Nest has joined our Mother & Baby Mega Give Away wit one of the biggest contributions so far!!!

Worth a whoping £52.97!!!

1 x SleeptTot £12.99

1 x Coochi Burping Cloths - 3 pack £9.99

1 x Bamba's First Comforts Signing Kit £29.99
These are some fabulous prizes I tell you! is a fabulous site too! It is a comprehensive guide to saving for your child’s future.
The site provides a one stop resource that enables you to compare different child trust funds and savings accounts so you can make an informed decision on their behalf.

Not only is MyEggNest a completely free service, it also lists great comparison tables of all the highest performing funds and paying rates. There’s also a section with invaluable reviews of CTFs from all the major providers.

You can win a piggy bank on their website so you can encourage your child to start saving too!

I received my £250 from the government a while ago for little Mylie and have put it to the side cause I just didnt have the time to look around for a CTF for her... now my next step is to visit My Egg Nest!

I'm so relieved all the info is in 1 place so I can make an informed decision quickly!

You can also find info on what you can claim to help your family financially e.g. child benefit, tax credits, etc! Even shopping coupons!

So waste no time and money, visit now!

The Mother & Baby Mega Give Away is due to start soon, for now we are just announcing all the goodies that are up for grabs and getting everyone excited!

See what the give away is all about here and scroll down this page to see all the amazing prizes to be won!

Keep an eye on us, you wont be dissapointed I promise! Monica xxx

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superlucky said...

Lovely prizes so far - can't wait to enter the draw!!

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