Friday, 8 January 2010

Teething at 6 months old

Baby Girl has really been moaning about her teeth for a while now, the usual drooling, biting when breastfeeding & "eating her own hands" has been there for a while now but so far we had seen no teeth!

About a week ago a sharp little bugger actually popped out to say hello to my.... boobs! Arghhhh the pain! Little Missy always decides (at some point) while nursing that she should bite down on my breast, pull her head back as far as she can so my breast springs out of her mouth!
This happens so fast & its soooo painful that I have no time to do anything about it... and guess what?!? She smiles at me straight after!!! Cheeky hey?

Well, I must say I am quite glad she just gets moany and a bit cheeky cause with Mr Serious it was a completely different story! He used to get all messed up during the night not wanting to sleep as normal, he would get temperature and not want to feed, that then contributed to crying etc.

I wish I could take a picture of her little tooth but its impossible cause you barely get a glimpse of it unless she is crying, and then I'm too busy attending to Little Missy's requests to take pictures! Lol

She doesn't like to use teethers so she results to eating her own hand or her pink taggie blanket (you can get one here).

This first "sprouting" tooth is on her right hand side on the bottom, the one next to it is "knocking" too because you can see the white underneath the gums! Oh Joy... another one to give me pain!

Monica x

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jumblyMummy said...

I've just started getting nipped as well. The agony! And the cheeky thing is that just before she is about to bite, baby Lara looks up at me briefly and gives ever such a tiny grin... and then CHOMP.

Monica said...

Isn't it lovely! They know they are being cheeky! lol I think they love to see our reaction, that's why!

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