Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Shnuggle - The Hypoallergenic Modern Moses Basket!

My Funny Bunny are pleased to announce the launch and availabilty of Shnuggle – The Modern Moses Basket™, which is 100% made in the UK.

Shnuggle™ takes a modern twist on the traditional Moses basket, by taking all the things that 
parents like about traditional baskets and adding a few more things they will love!

Available in pink, blue, green and other designs.

The main problems with traditional woven baskets are they can be very noisy & creaky; are extremely difficult to clean and home to dust mites which can contribute towards allergies which 1 in 5 babies will suffer. (Source

Furthermore, after a few weeks of use the basket can weaken as fibres start to break. These broken strands can harm the baby, and worse lead to a broken handle! And a little known fact is that all woven baskets need to be fumigated before use, which leaves residual chemicals throughout the basket. (Source

Shnuggle™ is different as the amazing new basket is a one piece moulding made from a hypoallergenic, flexible polymer. The outside of the basket has a tactile soft-touch finish, while the inside is smooth and easy to clean. The weight and feel of the basket is the same, but is around 10% larger to allow more growing room for baby. 

When the basket need to be cleaned, the dressings are fully machine washable, and the basket can be thoroughly cleaned with soapy water and even sterilised with a mild bleach solution such as Milton®. 

The handles on Shnuggle™ are made from a beautiful 100% cotton webbing, which is super-highstrength and attached to the basket with military grade fasteners. These fixing are secure against all force unless released in a special way, allowing removal for cleaning or replacement. 

Shnuggle™ is fully tested to exceed the requirements of BS EN 1466, and is free of BPA and phthalates, so parents can be assured that their baby is in safe hands.

Silent operation to help baby & parent sleep
Basket is stronger which is safer for baby
Fully vented to ensure airflow around baby and prevent overheating
Hypo-Allergenic materials to prevent allergic reactions
Up to 10% larger than traditional Moses Baskets
Fully immersable base for Hygienic cleaning
Choice of beautiful Cotton & Fleece fabrics.
Removable cotton handles
100% Made in the UK

Find them now at!

21/12/10 UPDATE: We can now ship this item to Europe!!!
Just contact us through :)

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