Monday, 28 March 2011

A Special Peppa Pig World Preview

Back in November we told you that Peppa Pig World was coming to the UK and opening on the 9th of April and now we have come to tell you that we have been to the preview of it on Saturday!!!

It's only because we are A list don't you know? ;) Ahem, *flicks hair* really, we were invited along with celebrities and the like so we could tell you all about it!

We are in Essex so it took about 3 hours to get there and pee pee breaks because of the kids. I got up at 5:30am to start making our lunch and get things ready, I was really excited as we haven't gone on a proper outing for a while, last time we went somewhere was Legoland before BooBoo was born.

When we eventually got everything ready including leaving food and water for our beasts of the canine kind, I finally managed to get out the door.
ROAD TRIP Woo hooo!!! Before you think it,yes, I did act like a mother the kids would be ashamed of  by putting my hand in "rock" sign and shouting that. If only they were older to actually complain how I was making a fool out of myself, really, even my husband looked at me funny and laughed! A girl's gotta have fun you know?!

Eventually we got there after a very long journey. When walked through a section in Paultons Park we saw some beautiful flamingos, pelicans and my favourite, a family of albino wallabies! Then just by the entrance to Peppa Pig World (part of Paultons Park) there is a wonderful painted wall which the kids loved and it got them even more excited!!

We went through a tent which was there specially for the preview day where we got our VIP passes with our names on which the kids were particularly proud of and we are going to keep them as keepsakes after all this was the preview of Peppa Pig World, the first in the world and this one is exclusive to Paultons Park in the UK!

This place really was heaven, I mean everything everywhere was Peppa Pig, I squealed with excitement and I am a grown woman never mind the kids! As we walked around the 'grass' and the dolls would speak to you, we heard Peppa laugh various times while walking around which was really fun, it added to the whole atmosphere. It wasn't just a park with a few rides... it was a real experience.

We went into Peppa Pig's House where we saw a life sized Peppa Pig and her family talking about pancakes. If you are a Peppa Pig fan you would have seen the episode where Daddy Pig flips the pancakes and they get stuck to the ceiling? That was it except you can see it in real life size, mega cool, the kids adored it!

We also went on George's Dinosaur Adventure, Daddy Pigs Car Ride, Grandpa Pig's Boat Ride and Peppa's Big Balloon Ride, the kids had tons of fun and we were super pleased because there was plenty of rides and stuff for BooBoo our 22 month old to do, so we were all winners!

We also had pictures taken at George's Dinosaur Adventure ride which we got one to keep from Pedro Pony's Ride Photos!

The kids loved George's Spaceship Play Zone but we all absolutely had a blast over at Mr Potato's Playground!! This was absolutely stunning, colourful and different things for all ages, we actually spent a lot of our time here and we had our lunch here too, there are picnic tables so you can have a chat and eat while the kids are playing around. The only down side to this I found was that there wasn't a gate on the actual playground... we were always with an eye on the kids but my little one wandered off to the exit of the playground a few times (we always got her just before she managed to leave though ;) ). Being a big fan of colours (as you can tell by My Funny Bunny!) I really loved the rainbow walkway, I would really love to have something like that done in my garden one day!

 Muddy Puddles is also in Mr Potato's Playground and it's a fab place where the kids can go with their swim suits and splash around! But fear not because if you forget the kids swimwear at home you can always buy some in Peppa's Toy Shop!

Peppa's Toy Shop is a mine field beware your pockets!! Not only will the kids go crazy but you will too... pitty I didn't have that much to spend this time because I would have bought half of the shop, I specially loved their limited edition prints of Peppa and her family, but seriously if you think it, they had it Peppa Pig!!

We had tea and cake at Daddy Pig's Big Tummy Cafe with the lovely Joanne, Sam and their families. It was a lovely sunny day so we really enjoyed sitting at the tables outside just next to the Peppa's Duck Pond which ironically has a sign saying 'Don't feed the ducks' but the ducks are plastic!! We found that hilarious and I am sure it's meant to be.  There are also tables inside where you can watch the kids play in George's Spaceship Play Zone while you have a rest and a chat over some yummy food.

After all that we went out of the Peppa Pig World area into Paultons Park, the day was almost over... but before we left we had to have a go in Wave Runner, which was a massive thrill!!! We had loads of fun and my normally scaredy cat son went on this an amazing 4 times! We couldn't believe it. I mean look at our faces! Definitely one for the thrill seekers.
At the Wave Runner while in the queue we spoke to a visitor and she said that their was plenty of rides for little ones so as we left the park (with a big car journey ahead of us), we saw at the entrance a big list of rides that BooBoo could actually go on at Paultons Park so now we are really excited about going to there again to explore the rest of the park!!

We had a fabulous and much needed family day out and it's all thanks to Paultons Park/ Peppa Pig World, it was worth the long car journeys, there and back!

Although I am not sure if they do birthday parties... I am looking forward to finding out as this is definitely a great venue to do it in!

Monica x

PS.To see more photo's of Peppa Pig World have a look here on the Peppa Pig World News.


Debbie (monkey and bo) said...

It looks like you all had an amazing time; we can't wait to go! A great review.

Esther said...

It looks fantastic, I can't wait to take my little girl there. I found a website where you can enter a competition to win tickets for the park worth a look

Peppa Pig said...

Check out for all things peppa pig in Australia!

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