Monday, 27 September 2010

Meet our author - FunnyBanana

If you haven't noticed already we have some new peeps helping us deliver to you an exciting blog which will help you make parenting an easier and more fun ride!

Now you will get to meet FunnyBanana Mum and Dad which will be sharing with us delectable family recipes of Portuguese cuisine as well as their ramblings and reviews!

Over to FunnyBanana...
Monica x

We are the proud parents of a large Portuguese family, where the youngest is 20, three boys and a girl. We always have huge amounts of food to cook as they all grew up to be big eaters. Having a rich cuisine and living in UK, made us train our children intensively on our Portuguese cuisine so that tradition is not lost. They are all good cooks.

Mum or Dad are the same, we are both excellent cooks *pats her own back*, and well experienced ;). We both have our specialities, dishes we prepare better than each other. Dad is more patient in the kitchen than mum, but mum gives detailed practical training at all times. (I never loose an opportunity to teach them one more secret, one more way.)

Having lived in several European countries before settling in UK, made us pick up some variations along the way, which makes some of our recipes very unique. We will be regularly sharing them with you.

We will be happy to answer any questions about Portuguese Cuisine, and tips about cooking for a family of 5 that eat like 12. lol (that's me); Ouch!!! (that is my wallet)

We will also have recipes for you to vote on, so you can choose what recipe we share with you next!! :)

My youngest just prepared some lovely food for his workaholic, starving mum!!! Sweet!! Thank you son xxxx AH!!! And he will be cooking the Gay Chicken (Frango a Paneleiro) for tonight's dinner , so I can have a lovely picture for you to see.

Till next time.

Mum aka FunnyBanana x


Gauri Ma said...

This sounds awesome. Looking forward to hearing the recipes!... but 'gay chicken' what the?! lol

M.F.B HQ said...

Lol... Frango a paneleiro!!! It's gay can call it happy chicken if you like ;) xx

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