Saturday, 25 September 2010

The waiting game...

I have done the worst thing possible, I got into my head that my baby was going to be 2 weeks early! Now, with 2 days until my due date it already feels like I am over due. What will I do if I go over? I know I’m going to be a nightmare because I’m fed up now, I feel whale like and it’s uncomfortable. People have gone from saying “ooh, aren’t you tiny” just a mere few weeks ago to now likening me to someone who looks like they’ve swallowed a beach ball!

I only have myself to blame by trying to schedule the baby in like she was one of my clients but what do I do now? I suppose I just have to wait and see when she is ready to make an appearance!

I have a friend who I met at my NCT group and out of the 5 of us she was due first, she is now 4 days over and 1 of our group has already beaten her to the post, she has a large baby that could be a 10 pounder and she is relaxed as anything, she’s walking everywhere and thinks it’s funny that if we go into labour this weekend she could be the last of us to give birth. I really don’t know how she can still smile about it… is this me over reacting, should I just enjoy the last bit of pregnancy, try and relax and get over it?

I think I am just being impatient as we know it’s a girl, we decided on a name before she was even conceived and it’s like she has her own little personality already as people refer to her by her name, so I just want to meet her and see her, I want to know what colour hair she has, who’s nose she has, whether she has teeny ears like me and if she has a long body like her dad, the more I think about it, the more I feel like a small child at Christmas desperate to open the presents under the tree. We have so many plans for her, her things are ready we just need her to join us.

Well, I guess there’s nothing I can do other than the obvious curry, raspberry leaf tea, fresh pineapple and bumpy car journeys amongst other things so I’ll just have to play the waiting game!

I’ll keep you posted…


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