Saturday, 18 December 2010

Magical Santa Review - A Letter From Santa

My son is 4 and a half and I have been doing everything I can to keep the magic of Christmas alive... that and fairies and everything magical out there. I reckon it's a much more interesting world while we are little, we believe in magic and everything is possible.

So it is my goal to keep magic alive... because the world becomes that much more interesting!

I told my son that he should tell me what he wants for Christmas  and that I would write a letter to tell Father Christmas. He promptly went to give me a long list including a new ipod (yeah right! Talk about anything being impossible!) but amongst that he wants some Disney Cars Monster Trucks, so I told him he should stick to that because Father Christmas has lots of toys to get for everyone so he shouldn't be greedy.

I then went on to and personalized a letter from Father Christmas for my Funny Bunny and had it sent.

Magical Santa offers four distinct letters, which can be tailored to each child (brilliant if you have more than one child so that they don’t look as though they’ve got the exact same letters as each other!).  Each letter has been written by a published children’s author, and each is written for a specific age group and gender. You can add your child’s name, gender, friend or relative’s name, what they’ve achieved this year and what present they really want. You can even choose from four different designs of decorated letter paper.

The other day the letter arrived in the post in a beautiful envelope with a picture of a Father Christmas on it, it was addressed to my little boy (as I had entered his details), I showed him the letter and he read his name on the front... his eyes lit up and he said "a letter for me?!?" with a smile on his face, he then went on to jump around asking me who it was from!!!

I told him it was from Father Christmas and after even more jumping around he eventually stopped to open it, After he opened it himself I read it for him, it was a bit long but it was written in a way that he understood it and was extremely interested and excited so he listened all the way until the end!!

This letter brought much joy to my little boy and my heart warmed with happiness seeing my little boy so happy and excited... but most importantly it keeps the magic of Christmas alive in our house.

Now he is excited for Christmas Eve when Father Christmas visits us at midnight, we are very impatient and very special in our family, Father Christmas actually sits down and we get our presents directly from him, we even get a photo of us sitting on his lap with him giving us the first present! I'm not sure if it's a family tradition or a Portuguese tradition but it's what we do... and it's magical for the kids!

Rating: 10/10 for making my boy so happy!

The letters normally cost £2.99 (including free delivery* within the UK) when ordered directly from the site. But if you click on, the rate is further discounted price to only £1.99!

Monica x

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