Monday, 4 October 2010

Angel Cashmere Heirloom Baby Blankets

Angel Cashmere, a luxury brand of baby blankets from Scotland stands out thanks to its unique blend of high quality textiles and bold, contemporary looks. 

With an heirloom quality, the blankets make perfect gifts to mark milestone occasions such as Birthdays, Christmas or Christenings. 

Humbug Lamere Blanket in Hot Pink
These stylishly designed blankets not only look amazing, they also tick all the boxes for quality, and practicality, they are a delight to the eyes for both children and parents.
Here at My Funny Bunny HQ we are always on the look out for the best, most unique products of the highest quality to introduce to you and Angel Cashmere are one of our latest discoveries, you can view the full range at 

Bubble Collection - 100% Cashmere
The Bubble retro design blankets are 100% Cashmere, and are actually two blankets hand stitched together! 

"My daughter has one she has used for two years, it's aged so well and gets softer every time we wash it, she loves it." says Michelle, co-founder of Angel Cashmere.

The Stripe collection is still 100% Cashmere but slightly more traditional, with a twist of course, these gorgeous blankets are designed using the two lighter shades from the bubble blankets. They have stripes of various widths running the length of the blanket. Sure you’ll agree they’ll look fabulous with baby in any situation!

Stripe Collection - 100% Cashmere
The finest cashmere comes form the goats that graze in Inner Mongolia and China. Their exposure to the most extreme climate results in the softest white cashmere. 
With Jamie, Michelle's brother and co-founder of Angel Cashmere, living in Beijing
 he can ensure they buy only the very best, softest white cashmere fibre, directly from the source. He manages the production from start to finish resulting in the excellent high quality blankets they have.
They make perfect heirloom gifts!

Humbug Collection - 100% Lamere
Lamere is a 100% natural crossbred animal fibre product. Angel Cashmere is delighted to introduce this textile to the baby clothing and accessory market. Lamere provides a similar hand touch and all the comforts of cashmere, but is a more affordable option for today's trendier tots!

The fibre goes through a unique finishing process, resulting in the enhancement of the lamere handle and leaving the material with a hand touch very similar to cashmere. We are extremely excited that we have the opportunity to bring this product to you in the form of our luxurious humbug baby blankets!

The chic, contemporary Humbug range is unique and the design striking. The stripes, combining deep pink and black, make this the perfect blanket for the rock and roll baby!!

Full range available now at

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This post is about the cashmere baby blankets.These are too luxurious and are very comfortable to use.Also,these can be offered as gifts.Thank you so much for this post.
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