Sunday, 3 October 2010

Sainsbury's Erica bakes Mini Double Chocolate Muffins Review

The first in a series of Sainsbury's new kids baking goodies reviews...

Sainsbury's Erica bakes Mini Double Chocolate Muffins with dark chocolate drops
Yummy mini muffins in less than 10 mins!!!
I got this to try out a few days ago, Funny Bunny has been excited and nagging me to let him make the "elephant cake boxes", I have been putting it off as I have been busy and thought this was gonna be a bit of a messy and lengthy process.

Poor kid... it was actually quite quick and not very messy, I didn't need to put it off at all!

Ready to go in the oven
The box has super simple instructions at the back, I read them out and my 4.5 year old carried them out like a breeze...all we needed was 1 medium egg, 10ml of milk and 5ml of oil in addition to the muffin mix in the pack! He stirred it all in a normal bowl and I helped him spoon the mixture into the little muffin cases that came in the box.

The box said 12 mins but we have a fan assisted oven so it was not even 9 mins and they were ready!!

Funny Bunny was very proud of the muffins he made, in between him and his little sister they disappeared in a flash! He did give me one and also saved the biggest one for daddy as he was so proud of his yummy muffins :)

  • Super easy to make
  • Yummylicious
  • Mini muffin cases included
  • Packaging is exciting for the kids
  • Dark chocolate instead of regular chocolate drops
  • They could reduce outer packaging by about a third
  • plastic used for inner packet is non recyclable
Verdict by my 4.5 year old: "They are yummylicious and I made them mummy!"

Monica xx

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