Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Milton Cold Water Sterilizer and Antibacterial Fabric Solution Review

We've been using a steam sterilizer for Blondie Boy's bottles and other odds and ends since he was born 9 months ago.  I'd heard of cold water sterilizers but hadn't ever given them a try before we got the chance to try some of Milton's sterilizing products.

The cold water sterilizer is great if you are travelling or somewhere without electricity as all you need is water and either tablets or sterilizing liquid.  The unit even has a handle that locks the lid in place so it won't spill while you are on the go.  I think it would be perfect for road trips, picnics and other times you are out of the house.

We also got some of Milton Antibacterial Fabric Solution which I was excited to try since we use cloth nappies.  You add 20ml to your normal wash and it kills germs and bacteria that might normally survive even a hot wash.  Blondie Boy's nappies smelled a bit medicinal when they first came out of the wash, but after drying it was not as strong.  It certainly seems to have gotten rid of an ammonia type smell that can sometimes plague cloth nappies.

There are lots of other products in the Milton range which can be purchased in store or online here.


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