Thursday, 7 October 2010

Our Quinny Zapp Xtra's arrival!

We got our Quinny Zapp Xtra the other week, with all the enthusiasm of making a video my hubby did a HD video and he made it a bit too long for YouTube so I had to find something to stream it in all it's glory!

So here you go, our posh HD video...

Funny Bunny Boy was really excited with all the opening antics, it was like Christmas for him, we did try and keep him quiet as Boo Boo was asleep but didn't manage to keep him still!!

After this video was made Boo Boo woke up and she was inspecting her new ride ;), I am pleased to say she liked it!

The pushchair was really easy to put together, I didn't look at the instructions (which everyone should! lol) and figured it out.

It has about 3 seating positions which is great as we had a Quinny Zapp until a year ago that I just used the frame for the Maxi Cosi car seat for Boo Boo and then I got rid of it because I couldn't stand seeing the kids fall asleep with crooked necks!

Now I am looking forward to seeing what the Quinny Zapp Xtra has to offer! I'll keep you posted ;)

Monica x

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