Wednesday, 27 October 2010

My Mother's Sixth Sense

As I was having a peek at the BMB Carnival being hosted by Laura at Are we nearly there yet mummy? blog I came across a very interesting post about A Mother's Sixth Sense by 21st Century Mummy about her experience with her daughter at nursery and her sixth sense... I am still curious on how she dealt with the situation as I would have probably verbally assaulted the nursery worker at the least!!! But pop over to her blog if you want to know what happened!

Anyway, that brought on thoughts about my mother's sixth sense, I believe every mother has a sixth sense, it's part of nature and the bond between you and your child, just like they say twins have a sixth sense when stuff happens to each other.

Way back when I was in year 7 like most kids I would sometimes throw a "sickie" to see if my mum bought into it... my mum like most would send me off to school, unless I was really ill my mum would send me off to school, a cough or similar wouldn't keep me home... she was quite strict on that, she worried about my education like we all do in respect of our kids.

Even when I was getting bullied at school my mum wouldn't let me stay home, she always told me I had to be strong and if I didn't go to school it was the bullies that were gonna win.

One day though I woke up as usual and came down to have breakfast and my mum told me "You are not going to school today." I asked her why, as I was actually looking forward to some stuff happening that day, my mum turned around to me and just said "I don't know why, you are simply not going because I said so." I thought it was quite weird, but who was I to argue with her since I could have a day of doing what I want and relaxing at home while all my friends are having to go to class? Haha I thought "Suckers!"

That was that... Until I went back the next day.

The next day as I was approaching the school I saw a huge crowd of people by the gates, vans and reporters included, amongst those people was some of my friends and their parents.

I went into the playground and asked what my friends what had happened and it works out that this massive tragedy had happened and my group of friends were in the playground and saw it happen right in front of them, this would have meant that if my mum hadn't kept me home I would have seen everything.

The result was horrible and one of my friends went slightly crazy (understandably) and started getting violent which meant he attacked me (he was one of my best friends and even had a crush on me) and some other people too, including teachers. Amazingly before this happened he was one of the sweetest, most kind and gentle boys I knew and we were together at school most of the time as we were very good friends. Other kids were very traumatised and reacted in different ways, others had to change school, etc.

Now tell me... if it wasn't for my mother's sixth sense, what could have happened to me?

Monica x
R.I.P. Mr Lawrence, we all loved him dearly, the best and most caring head teacher I ever had.

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