Monday, 25 October 2010

My Mummy Tummy

Before I had a mummy tummy I would wear low waist trousers and fitting tops.
I wasn't into "show your tummy tops" but more into "when I stretch you can get a peek tops" and I had a pretty flat and fit tummy, pretty darn sexy if I may say so! Lol

After much waiting and planning I got pregnant and had my son just before my 22nd birthday, and then again with my daughter just before my 25th birthday.

After having my son my tummy resembled a very bloated prune, it still looked like I was pregnant after a year and then after 2 the "pregnant" look started to go away a bit, the fact that I had also come more to terms with it and had learnt how to dress in a way to better accommodate my new tummy.

Shortly after my new found little confidence came back I got pregnant again, it was planned but as it took approximately a year of trying with my son, I wasn't expecting to get pregnant straight away the 2nd time around!

So I thought... there goes my figure again! But I was delighted to be pregnant again!

After my daughter was born, my tummy seemed like it knew more what it was doing the 2nd time around... when I was breastfeeding I got much more sharper pains than I did with my son and I could literally feel my tummy contracting!

When I complained to my mum about my stretch marked prune tummy she reminded me how I always use to tell her how proud I was of her tummy because those stretch marks was a mark I left there, whenever she complained about hers!!

And how true that is, but I had in my mind that I could have a tummy tuck and my tummy would be perfect... probably brought on by celebrities and adverts!

Well that was until I watched "The Ugly Face of Beauty" a program on tv (on channel 4 I think) and it opened my eyes to reality... a lot of things can go wrong and you could end up looking worse that you did, you could get an infection and end up looking disfigured or worse dead if it's not dealt with straight away, NHS won't touch you or help you after plastic surgery if something goes wrong unless it's life threatening, and even if everything goes fine and dandy you still end up with a pretty nasty scar going from one end of your tummy to the other!!

WHAT???!!! A gigantic big scar and I will still have most of what I have now??? You must be joking!!

The stretch marks I have there are a sign of the love I have for my children, how I made them and carried them inside my body, to me that is till amazing, the fact that I made them inside my body, I remember telling my husband that it felt amazing and super natural, at times I felt like I was in a surreal episode of Alien the movie, feeling the baby move inside me!!! Lol

It was amazing and I am proud to be a mother to my beautiful children, my kids love my tummy and how soft it is, I sometimes close my eyes and feel how soft my skin is there and remember why it is there... it makes me feel good about it.

Now 16 months down the line, I am back to my normal size but with my prune mummy tummy, with the added bonus of a funny looking belly button because of how I had a belly button piercing before I was a mum!

When I got an email from Melissa telling me about how that Justina Perry from MamaBabyBliss was fed up of the body image anxiety mothers have (a 31% increase in mummy tummy tucks) and she was on a mission to change it, I jumped on board.

They have created a gallery of mummy tummies. We have taken pictures of our bellies and put them on the internet for the world to see. And we want more mums to do the same. We want to get as many mums as possible to say: 'Sod it, look at what my amazing body has achieved. It may not look perfect, but it has done a miraculous job. And it's time it got recognised for that.'

So are brave enough to join in? Head on over to here and take a look at the bellies already there. Send in your pic and help spread the word.

I have sent in my pic and I am owning up to my prune looking belly because I am proud of it. I am a mum :) and there is no more rewarding job than that and my prune belly is my "certificate"!

My belly is the one that looks like a white prune, not the tanned prune that made me feel so good that I had a Prune Mummy Tummy sister :D, but the pale one with a red stripy top and a cloudy background!

So come on and join in.... let someone else know that they are not alone and its perfectly normal!!!

Lots of fellow mummy love,
Monica xx

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