Sunday, 17 October 2010

Peace of mind when flying with your child

Since my son was born I have flown away on holiday 3 times and in total that has been a massive 12 flights! We are due another 4 flights in the beginning of next year, with our son and daughter in tow that is a massive trip you'll agree!

I have been flying since i was ten years old at least once a year so it's not exactly news for me, I had no worries at all until I had children and had to put them in an airplane, I didn't like it at all, to me if there was a real accident my child was not safe with just a lap belt, his little tiny body would just slide out of that belt.

It's a really worrying thought that your children have all kinds of products available to make them safe and comfortable whilst in a pushchair, a car, a highchair and all of them have harnesses, yet when you travel in an airplane a lap belt is sufficient for children and if you have a baby or a toddler you have to trail your car seat with you. Silly really. Doesn't sound too bad but try carrying a car seat and pushing a pushchair or trying to get your kid to hold on to you and behave!!! Trust me its a nightmare and almost impossible, at least not without pulling your hair out!

So you can imagine just how delighted I was when I was asked to review Cares!

CARES stands for Child Aviation Restraint System, it is a harness-type safety device designed for children who weigh between 22-44 lbs and are sitting in their own airplane seats (generally 1-4/5 years old).
It takes the place of a car seat when traveling by air with your children and provides an equivalent level of safety (ELOS) to a car seat. (Stated in the FAA certification designation)

Weighing 1 pound it is a much lighter and easier option to taking a car seat considering they weigh around 15-20 lbs and are a nightmare to carry, you have to remember that passed the trolley point you are on your own to carry the car seat! Cares comes in a small drawstring bag to keep everything together but you could easily put it in a pocket or handbag. If you need the car seat at the other end of  the flight you can check it in as luggage, and carry your CARES on board.

To find out more about Cares and where to get one you can visit their website

When I opened the box I was pleasantly surprised to see that it came in a drawstring bag with an instruction card and a DVD, the instructions card is pretty easy to follow but the dvd makes it all that much easier, clearer and gives you total peace of mind because it's as if someone showed you how to put it together, but just in case you forget or loose them, there is a big label on the CARES itself.

This is super easy to put together, you place the red strap over the seat, put the lapbelt through the bottom  bits of the restraint, close and tighten the lap belt and clip it closed just like you would any other harness!

Tada! Now your child is much safer, and don't worry because the DVD shows you exactly what to do in case of emergency so you can get your child out quickly and easily should there be and emergency.

Cares in action
All in all this is a great product and one that makes me wonder why it hasn't been available in the UK for  longer! I certainly can't wait to use it when we fly on holidays and it already gives me peace of mind.

  • Perfect for flying as it only weighs 1 pound, and is compact so fits in a pocket or handbag
  • Comes in a carrying pouch to keep it all together
  • It is certified in many countries & many others are in process
  • Comes with a DVD as well as instruction card which makes it much easier to see how easy it is to put together
  • Takes only a minute or less to install & uninstall
  • All instructions and warnings are clearly displayed on the actual harness itself too.
  • I can't really think of any, if I really have to say something though, it would probably be the price tag (rrp: £55 - £60) but can you really put a price tag on your kids safety? I think not, plus after you don't need it anymore why not pass it on to someone else!
Monica xx

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