Friday, 1 October 2010

Plum Baby Organic Snacks Review

Last week I woke up (mighty early) with the postie delivering me a box full of yummy Plum Baby food!
I was delighted with the selection and couldn't wait for the kids to try it :)

We tried...

Multigrain Rings with Gouda & Cheddar
We only had a packet of these and as a result a lot of "it's mine!" and "Da da da da" *baby talk* and me *stealing* it on the sly from the kids (sshhh... don't tell anyone!).

The kids loved to pop their little fingers in the whole in the middle to eat them so it was a whole lot of fun and laughter eating these too!

These are a great alternative to all the other cheesy puffs that are full of nonsense and make your kids hyper. I love the ingredients, simple, organic, and with grains like quinoa and teff which you would normally not be able to get your little ones to eat :)

Organic corn 66%
Organic palm oil 10%
Organic Gouda cheese powder 7%
Organic Cheddar cheese 5%
Organic quinoa 4%
Organic teff 4%
Organic rice 4%

Not forgetting these totally gluten free too, so easy on those sensitive tummies!

Spelt Breadsticks with tomato and herbs & Spelt Breadsticks with mild Pecorino cheese
These came in a little box with 3 sealed packets inside, this is a great idea because I could pack an individual packet in my bag for when we went out.

For those that don't know spelt is the 'original' wheat, its what our ancestors ate back in the bronze age! Spelt contains more protein than wheat, and the protein in spelt is easier to digest. This means that some people who are allergic to wheat may be able to tolerate spelt. ( I learnt this in my days working as Manager in an organic haven Planet Organic)

Both of these were tasty, yummy and the kids loved them too!! Ok ok so I "stole" some of these too... guilty as charged! lol (Great with hummus by the way ;) )

And both again with simple and healthy ingredients:

Tomato & Herb
Organic wheat flour 46%
Organic spelt flour 28%
Organic wholemeal wheat flour 19%
Organic tomato powder 2%
Organic extra virgin olive oil 2%
Yeast 1%
Sea Salt 0.7%
Organic herbs 0.6% (rosemary 0.5%, oregano 0.1%)

Pecorino Cheese
Organic wheat flour 46%
Organic spelt flour 27%
Organic wholemeal wheat flour 18%
Organic mild Pecorino cheese 5%
Organic extra virgin olive oil 2%
Yeast 1.5%
Sea salt 0.5%

These are for 12+ months so the salt in it is minimal and it didn't bother me, love the fact it has olive oil in it as its beneficial and we use it a lot in our house.

Savoury Bakes with carrot & Savoury Bakes with Parmesan
These are big packets with 4 little packets inside, again this was handy to put in my bag for days out and also very handy for Funny Bunny's preschool lunch boxes, he is a very fussy eater but these went down a treat!

Hidden in the carrot ones is carrot juice, broccoli and fennel which are things that my fussy eater won't always pick up, he hasn't even ever touched fennel, so it's nice to see them in there also pleasing to see that they have vitamin B1 in there too.

Carrot Bakes
Organic spelt wheat flour 35%
Organic wholegrain wheat flour 35%
Organic spelt syrup 8%
Organic sunflower oil 8%
Organic palm oil 7%
Organic carrot juice concentrate 5%
Organic broccoli 2%
Raising agent sodium bicarbonate
Organic fennel
Thiamin (Vitamin B1)

Again, nice to see spring onion and vitamin B1 in there.

Parmesan Bakes
Organic spelt wheat flour 36%
Organic wholegrain wheat flour 35%
Organic spelt syrup 9%
Organic sunflower oil 8%
Organic cheese 7% (Levanto hard cheese 5%, Parmesan cheese 2%)
Organic palm oil 4%
Organic spring onion 1%
Raising agent sodium bicarbonate
Thiamin (Vitamin B1)

So that is it for the snacks! We will let you know about the Plum Baby food we also got soon.

  • Tasted great!
  • No nonsense ingredients
  • Organic
  • Hidden veggies & super grains
  • Handy packaging
  • Outer packet of the savoury bakes could be made of fsc certified paper/ cardboard instead of plastic
I also learnt that these are great healthy snacks for adults too, so when you go and buy some for the kids do them a favour and buy a packet for you too so you dont "steal" from the kids packets like I did!!!

These are stocked in most UK supermarkets and health food stores, you can also get them directly from

If you want to be a Plum Mum or apply to be a Plum Super Mum too go here an put my name in the code box Monica Strydom and you too can reveive special offers in their newsletters and get some free goodies by being a Plum Super Mum too! ;) 

Monica xx
Plum Super Mum ;)

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