Thursday, 30 September 2010

Meet our author - Emily

If you haven't noticed already we have some new peeps helping us deliver to you an exciting blog which will help you make parenting an easier and more fun ride!

Now you will get to meet Emily which will be sharing with us her new mummy ramblings and reviews! Glad to have her with us.

Now over to Emily...
Monica x

Mummy blogging

Why should people read my blogs about my experiences pre and post pregnancy? Hmmm! Why should you? Well, I write blogs already about my business which is design and marketing for print and web and enjoy having the odd rant here and there as well as providing people with useful hints and tips so when My Funny Bunny asked me to write as a mummy I thought I’d apply the same principals.

I am a first time mum, I have a stepson who is 16 who has been brought up by my partner for over 12 years and we live a very happy life together in Southend on Sea. I will not profess to be anything special or different from any other mum out there but I will hopefully strike a chord with people and relate to their experiences.

So you tell me what you want to hear about or comment on my blogs so I know what you do and don’t like and I’ll try and cater for all you mums and dads out there and hopefully add a bit of humour and general banter along the way!


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