Thursday, 21 October 2010

Rescue Pals Train & Play Puppy Review

We just recently got one of these cute toy doggies, both my kids love it, I think it's sooo cute with those gigantic puppy eyes!

Since we got it they got really excited about getting it out of the box, once we did it was non stop playing with it, my daughter would even carry it around the house because she adores it so much.
When I tidy up all the toys the doggy gets put away, but amazingly my daughter gets excited about playing with it each time it comes out again. It barks, it walks, it sits, it begs... it's totally cute!

The funniest thing is that you can feed it a treat and after a bit he poops it out! The kids get all excited about feeding the treat again but I find it hilarious that you feed it the treat, it comes out of its bottom and then you feed it to the dog again. I did feel the need to explain to the kids that you don't feed a dog poop, in fact no one eats or should eat poop!!! LOL seriously, I don't know if that was a necessary conversation or not but I thought I better... just in case! ;)

It comes with a clicker, a leash, a certificate and a plastic brown treat.

The clicker has to be clicked a certain amount of times for the dog to different tricks, it comes with instructions to tell you how many clicks does what, however if you are playing with it in a very noisy place (my mum's house in this instance!) the dog can't "hear" the clicker but instead responds to the noise around it which we all found really entertaining and fun, specially the kids!! But on another note if your child was to ever loose the clicker, you could clap loudly or something similar and you could still have fun with it :)

I'll let you know a bit more about it:

The adorable Rescue Pals Train and Play Puppy™ is the sweet little stray that is ready to play.

Just like a real puppy, with realistic features, Train and Play Puppy™ can sit, stand and walk. You can even teach your clever pup new tricks including, sitting up and begging, and then reward your top dog with a treat. After eating his yummy treat your puppy will even poop!

Learning to take care of your puppy has never been more fun with this interactive soft friend. You can also change and start the puppy functions using the remote clicker. Included with your new four-legged pal is an adoption certificate to make him your own, a reward treat, and a heart shaped sticker.

Train and Play Puppy™ is suitable for children aged 3 years plus and is available at all good toy stores nationwide. Priced at around £29.99.

Fun for the whole family, it's definitely not a toy that gets forgotten easily, and we have real dogs!
Makes a great gift, specially for children that want and can't have a dog.

  • Really cute and appealing 
  • Kids play with it for quite a good while and when it gets put away and comes back out they get just as excited to play with it again
  •  You can switch it off
  • Responds to patting and also loud sounds
  • Good price - rrp £29.99

  • The leash should perhaps have a popper or much stronger velcro, as it does come off when the kids pull it a bit
  • Puppy's paws should be grey as the white paws get dirty real quick

Monica xx

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