Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Weekend Offender Exclusive Dealer Jacket - A Gadget Dad Review

Bring On The Rain?

Weekend Offender just launched their exclusive "Dealer" jacket, which is like all their jackets is looking very sharp, stylish and lightweight. But this one's got a hidden talent...

The Dealer jacket has a clever and unique transparent "Dry View" viewing cover to the front of the pouch pocket. This unique dry view pouch allows the wearer to clearly see the inside of the pouch pocket, thus enabling them to read text messages or to play games in the pouring rain.
Weekend Offender - The stylish Dealer Jacket
  • Specially coated, micro-ripstop fabric in airforce blue.
  • Unique double zip neck opening.
  • Unique "Dry View" window.
Unique Dry View Window
Check out the review video
(for HD viewing view directly on our YouTube channel)

RRP £80 Available from www.weekendoffender.com

Gadget Dad Verdict:

Weekend offender offers "bad boy" british style clothing. Their web site is cool and their blog is up to date with new products and celebs wearing their clothing range. Also had some funny YouTube videos!

Coming back to their new "Dealer" jacket, the jacket itself looks great and stylish. The 'clear view' pocket was a great idea, but while doing the short video outside for 10 minutes in light rain I came to realise that it had a few short comings.

First thing I realised was that it as a bit difficult to close the unique "clear view" compartment while in the rain without getting your device wet. What would have made this a clear winner to me would be elastics around the area for your hands to go in, so that you would push your hands and device through and the elastics would then "close" around your wrist. This would also make the 'clear view' area less prone to getting wet. The jacket itself also let water in after only 10 minutes in the rain. It seemed to seep water through as if the water repellant coating had come off.

I did like the idea of the double zip neck opening which made it a breeze to take off and put on without messing up your hair style.

  • Really stylish design.
  • Unique 'clear view' window.
  • Specially coated micro-ripstop fabric in airforce blue.
  • Unique double zip neck opening.
  • Clear view pocket could have done with some elastic openings for ease of use and more protection agains rainy days.
  • Water repellant coating could have been better.
Gadget DadRating: 6/10

Till the next rainy day!

Gadget Dad

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