Thursday, 24 February 2011

Lotus Olbas Facial Tissues Review

We got a box of these to try out a little while ago, unluckily enough we all got sick straight after getting them, seriously, I could have tried them out without all the snot involved!

We all liked these apart from my 19 month old daughter who wasn't really fond of getting her nose cleaned with them, I suspect because of the smell, but it was no problem for my 5 year old son.

The more you crush the tissue the more of the Olbas oils gets released, to me this is an absolute marvel! My husband  used them a lot while he was sick to hold it next to his nose to breath in to unblock his nose which helped.

All in all these are a fabulous invention, nice and soft and the Olbas on t is convenient and soothing, the only thing is you can't wipe your eyes with it because of the oils.

Since trying these I have already bought the pocket sized version too and I will definately buy them again when we are sick with the flu or a blocked nose.

10/10 from us.

A little but about the product:
Lotus Olbas tissues combines the luxurious softness of Lotus tissues and the vapour releasing power of family favourite Olbas.
Originally available in a handy pocket pack it now also comes in the larger facial tissue box - meaning that you can always have a stash of this comforting tissue on hand at home – or in the office - as well as on the go.

The tissues are embedded with tiny oil capsules that when crushed release soothing vapours, so whether you’re busy ‘keeping all the balls’ in the air, or simply recuperating at home, they’ll help you keep breathing easy.

Crush the Tissue, Release the Vapours
Lotus Olbas Facial Tissues are implanted using ground-breaking crush technology. The mixture of natural vapours including menthol, eucalyptus, juniper berries and cajuput are only released when the tissue is crushed.
Lotus Olbas Facial Tissues are available at Boots, Sainsbury’s and other major retailers at £2.29 (RRP).

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Funnybanana said...

I do not use any others, since I was given a sample in Liverpool Street Station in London. They are amazing.

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