Thursday, 10 February 2011

Supergran is the Bom!

I was on the phone with my mum yesterday and she told me about this amazing story that she saw in the newspaper about a lady (Ann Timpson of Northampton) in her 70s that beat up some robbers in motorbikes.

My mum told me someone had got it on video, the whole incident, so nosy as I am I went looking for it... here it is "Supergran to the rescue!"

Now the lady actually ran to the robbers and beat them with her handbag, she wasn't defending herself, she actually ran to and attacked them!

I admire this lady, she has, as they say in Spanish, big cohones!
It is also sad really to see that in our communities people can see all kinds of atrocities and stand back and not do anything about it, the people in this video only came to help once one of the robbers fell off his bike and went at her with a hammer. Now should it really take that much for someone to go and help?

When I was a teenager, I was talking on my mobile phone walking in Queensway (West London) from work and a kid on a bicycle punched me and grabbed my phone, I ran after the kid as fast as I could and kept shouting for people to help me, amazingly NOBODY did... until a guy that worked with me recognized me and then he ran after the kid with me.

Unfortunately we never caught him, but to this day I still think about the fact that no one cared, and that my work colleague only cared once he recognized me.

It depressing to think that people only care about themselves, and it scares me that if something happens to my children while I am not around, no matter what age they may be, no one around them will help.

I think that its depressing to think that human beings are not "connected" anymore.
But don't worry if I see something happening to you or anyone else on the street and I don't know you, I will help or comfort you if needed.

What are your thoughts?



Funnybanana said...

IT is sad. Your post grew a tear in my eye, if only the world was a better place. (if we made it a better place, like making a difference by looking out for our fellow men... Just like her. Please give a comment on our Giveway about this.
Leave a comment. GIVE AWAY Closes on Valentines Day @ Midnight (GMT)-WIN a Supergran Lucky Penny for the best comment.

Emily said...

People seem to be scared to help others, I think it's the society we now live in. You don't know if they're going to pull a knife on you or a gun, whether your bid to help will put you in a worse situation.

I did a first aid in the workplace course a few years back and was surprised to see the amount of things you cannot do to help someone because they might sue you, however, when I saw a girl being knocked down by a bus literally months after the course my initial reaction was to help in any way possible, unfortunately nothing would have saved her but I hope my efforts went some way to helping her until the paramedics arrived.

I have also tried to help when I saw a girl in an alley way crying and a bloke hassling her, I was with a friend so decided to ask her if she was OK and if she needed help and she started f'ing and blinding at me to mind my own business, I hope she was OK but she didn't need to react in that manner!

So, in my experience, your help isn't always appreciated but I would like to think someone would help me or a member of my family if I was in trouble and not just walk on by.

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