Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The Gallery: Gifts

My chosen word is Gift for this weeks The Gallery challenge.

Yesterday I was looking for a category image for our new skincare range on our website, I looked everywhere but I couldn't find anything that suited, I'm very picky so I spent ages looking for that perfect image only to think at the end... Hold on! I have beautiful kids, a wicked photographer husband and the cream right here!!

I asked my husband to get snapping and tried to convince my almost 5 year old to let me put a dollop of cream on his face for the photos by putting cream on my own face and doing silly faces.
Well that didn't work!! But the promise of a little chocolate did the trick! Can you see the smile on his face? Its the though of chocolate!

Yes I know, BAD MUMMY *slaps own hand* using bribes to get what I want!

But now I look at this photo and many other that we took on this mini session (including the one here) and I think what a gift my son is, what a gift being beautiful is and what a gift my family is to me.

I have a tear in my eye as I am writing this, but I am blessed is so many ways as most of us are. The problem is we often concentrate on the negative things in our lives, the things that are in our face, problems we encounter, things that annoy us... when we should be focused on the positive in our lives.

So this picture highlights one of the gifts in my life and I wanted to share it with you. I am so proud of my family and the joy they bring to my life and heart.

Monica x

1 comment:

PippaD said...

What a lovely smile... even if it is for chocolate!

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