Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Work Life Balance...

As my daughter (now 5 months) gets bigger and more interested in things and demands more attention I am feeling ever more guilty that I am not spending as much quality time with her as I would like to.

But as I sit doing my work and take time out to go see the other mums from my NCT group, I realise that when they go back to work shortly, I will still be with my baby and see her all day, everyday – so should I feel guilty?

I try and spend as much time as possible and entertain her and she is such a good little girl who plays and laughs (mainly at me) and doesn’t seem to be missing out on anything, but it is so hard to try and get the balance right throughout the day, spending enough time on work and enough time on the children.

So, what does everyone think is right? Should I take an hour out of each day to go for a walk? Should I take 2 hours out, and have activity time? What is the right thing to do? And, would I feel like this if I spent 6 months to a year with my baby, then went back to work? Probably not, I would put her in nursery and spend evenings and weekends with her, so am I being too harsh on myself?

Comments and advise please? Do any of you struggle to get the work, life balance right as self-employed mums?

Emily x

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