Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Three by Nine Meme - Monica

We’ve been tagged by the lovely Joanne Dewberry on this meme, thank you, I do love memes, specially like these that are easy to do and it lets you know a little bit more about me!

I did cheat on some of the answers by giving more than 3 answers but hey, what's the worst that could happen right?!

Three names I go by: Monica, Mon (Not particularly fond of it but all my friends call me this so what can I do?! ;) ) and Mama/ Mummy/ Angel (1st one is what BooBoo calls me, 2nd is what My Funny Bunny calls me as he's older and 3rd is what my husband has always called me, although I am for from an angel! ;) )  There are more names I go by but they are very embarrassing!!

Three places I’ve lived: Portugal, West London and now Essex

Three places I’ve worked: Planet Organic, Joslin Rowe and My Funny Bunny of course!

Three things I love to watch: Cougar Town, Raising Hope, True Blood (and I'm a sucker for Disney movies!!)

Three places I’ve been and love: Spain, Portugal and South Africa…. I'm a sun addict!

Three people that email me regularly: My mum, PRs and SPAM!

Three things I love to eat: Stuffed Squid my mums style, Torta de Cenoura da Avo Nene and Cozido a Portuguesa! Here I am really showing my Portugueseness! Lol

Three people I think will respond: Emily, Gadget Dad and FunnyBanana (Authors on this Blog!)

Three things I’m looking forward to:
Our next family trip to South Africa and to Portugal, seeing my business grow and my kids thrive and grow! And my mum and dad's wedding!! (finally!!!!)

Monica xx

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