Wednesday, 16 March 2011

You know you are a mother when...

..."Your mascara is smeared over the sofa :-(" @EO_NYROrganic

..."You go in your handbag to get your purse and find a half eaten gingerbread man and a pack of baby wipes" @Dawnie_Brown

..."You have a handbag full of raisins" @zooarchaelogis

..."You find a crayon in your make up bag! (happened to me today!)" My Funny Bunny

..."You dig around in your handbag and get a handful of crumbs :0" N. Mcarthur

..."Your once tidy and clean house now resembles a quagmire!" E. Newman

..."You can't keep clothes clean for more than 5 minutes without a mucky hand or snotty nose ending up all over it but you still wear it all day!" C. Carlin

..."The last book you read was about purée." L. Benn

..."You have never seen a fifty pound note" Y Redbourn

..."You take your car for an MOT with a tractor sticker stuck to your left breast" L. Shonfeld

..."You take a 30 min biz call in a changing room whilst BF'ing a baby in the dark (lack of movement sensor kicked in)" @bwebsites

..."Your hairdresser finds bogies in your hair :(" @saralotay

Collaboration of some of our fab followers on twitter and fans on facebook! Thanks for your help :)

Parenting is a lot of hard work and a lot of fun too... you just have to look at the funny and bright side of things!

What is your favourite quote from above or have you got one of your own that you would like to share with the rest of us?

Monica x

1 comment:

Noelle said...

.....when a great night out consists of 2 drinks and being in bed for 10:30.

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