Monday, 4 April 2011

Can you put your childs mattress in the washing machine?

No?! Why not? Far too big isn't it...

Don't you wish you could though?

You wash their clothes, their hands, their comfort blankets, their duvets, sheets and duvet covers, etc, so why not their mattresses too?

In their first two years, babies sleep for an average of 15 hours a day and spend a huge proportion of their early life in close contact with their cot mattress. However, while we excitedly choose their new pushchair or cot, we often overlook the significance of what - in terms of health - is actually the single most important purchase are are ever likely to make!

Not too long ago we researched into mattresses and the best options that are out there, one of them is without a doubt PurFlo - a unique design, which has managed to scoop various awards across the world as well as being acclaimed by leading health experts concerned with Sudden Infant Death Sydrome (SIDs) and allergies such as Asthma and Eczema.

The PurFlo mattress is the healthiest and most hygienic cot mattress available on the market today, that is why we have decided to add it to our range of mattresses on, and they are now finally available.

Unlike any other mattress, the PurFlo is completely hollow with a fully breathable, chemical-free SleepSurface, which not only provides better support than a conventional mattress, but allows free air circulation helping babies to regulate their own body temperature and preventing the re-breathing of CO².

You can just throw it in the washing machine!
Washable at 60°c ensuring any spillages, fungi or nasty bacteria (which often lurk in traditional mattresses) are completely removed! Because of this it is safe to pass down to younger siblings - a great bonus for your pocket and the environment in view of the fact that around 600,000 baby mattresses go to landfill every year!

Recently awarded Gold in the 2010 Practical Pre-School awards with one of the highest overall scores of 97.3%, testers commented: "PurFlo is amazing! How great to have a cot mattress which can be washed in the machine and tumble-dried. We really like the fact that dust mites would be greatly reduced for babies with allergies and the hollow nature of the mattress means that babies keep cooler and also prevents them from rolling onto their front. It reduces parents' worries about cot death and is perfect for travelling too as you just fold it up and take it with you. Top marks!"

You can find out more about this amazing mattress here and and purchase it from

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