Sunday, 3 April 2011

My First "Real" Mothers Day Card

Today is Mothers Day, mothers everywhere are getting treated to a sleep in, a day off the house chores and work, etc.

I am a mother of two and today I am not getting a day off, its work for me, looking after the kids too as normal and if I am lucky I will get to see my mum later on.

But today is still an amazing day for me because I received my first ever 'real' Mothers Day card from my oldest son which turns 5 this month.

Sure I have gotten cards all the previous years but they were bought in a shop by my husband who wrote some nice stuff in it and got the kids to scribble on it, still nice but this one is super special.

My son actually made this one, he painted a butterfly with his fingers, glued it on a card and wrote "To Mum, Love S... xxx", it took a lot of effort and its beautiful.

I'm going to keep it forever and it's made my day and my heart warm.

Can't wait to get my first 'real' Mothers Day card from my BooBoo, but seeing as she is only going to turn two in a couple of months, I have quite a wait, you know learning to write and all!

Have you gotten your first 'real' Mother's Day card yet?

Monica xx

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