Friday, 3 June 2011

Captivating Toothbrushes for Kids - Firefly Review

We got sent a pair of Firefly toothbrushes for the kids, a cool Spiderman one for Funny Bunny who is 5 and a Hello Kitty one for BooBoo who is 2 in a few days.

They were both over the moon when these arrived, they didn't just have a picture of the character like other toothbrushes, they were actually character shaped!!
When they realised that they lit up when you pressed the button, they were seriously jumping up and down ( Funny Bunny started it and Boo Boo being the copy cat that she is shortly followed!).

So here we are in the middle of the afternoon in the toilet brushing their teeth, because they are so excited about these tooth brushes that light up!!

The fun continues though, a few weeks down the line and my kids still have a great time brushing their teeth and actually brush their teeth for the recommended time, while the toothbrush lights up... I actually have to keep the toilet door closed otherwise Boo Boo goes and gets the toothbrush to brush her teeth a ton of times a day!

I was worried about if the light would break if the toothbrush got rinsed under water, but it has been used for ages and still working great!

Keep an eye out because we are going to be giving some of these fantastic toothbrushes away!

Product information:

Firefly has used distinctive light up technology to create a fantastic mechanism for getting children to brush their teeth for the recommended time.  All a child needs to do is press the bottom of the brush and as it lights up, start brushing.  The flashing light lasts for one minute, giving the child the right amount of time to brush either their upper or lower teeth.  Then, they simply move the brush and press the light again, to complete their brushing routine.
Firefly toothbrushes come in a range of assorted colours as well as characters such as Spiderman & Hello Kitty – the PERFECT way to get children enthusiastic about dental hygiene!

RRP £1.49 - £2.49, available from Argos and Lloyds pharmacies

Firefly toothbrushes encourage good habits for life!

My Funny Bunny Rating:  10/10

Monica x

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