Wednesday, 29 June 2011

My Cybermummy 2011 Experience

Last Saturday was the first time I attended the Cybermummy conference, an event that attracted over 400 bloggers and unlike the name suggests, male writers were also welcome. It was a pleasure to meet the likes of Nick Coffer of and Tim Atkinson of amongst all the other female bloggers.

It was a really valuable experience, I learnt some interesting stuff and met lots of people that I had spoken to on social networks and lurked around their blogs, yes I do lurk! *hangs head in shame*

It was really weird though,  lots of people that I had spoken to but didn't actually know what most of them looked like.

I was of course incognito as everyone thought I was a terribly cute bunny as my avatar suggests. No sadly not a cute bunny... I actually looked like this on the day although not with that funny face because I had a sweet in my mouth in this picture. (Oooh and I was slightly embarrassed as I asked someone whom I had just met to take this photo!)

It was quite hard to see who everyone was because their badges kept on turning around, next time I think they should have clip on badges so we can see who everyone is easier. At least the badge I was wearing about sponsors Create, was well visible and sparked a few conversations!

The day went by really fast with all the seminars, I missed some I wanted to go to because they would often clash, I am a bit of a sponge so I want to learn everything in one day, as one does!

There was some great speakers including Sarah Brown but my favourite seminars were ones presented by successful bloggers themselves like Tara Cain, Sticky Fingers, Rachael Lucas, Tales from the Village, Claire and Lucy McDonald, Crumbs and many others.

Unfortunately in between breaks there wasn't much time to mingle as you made your way around to meet all the brands and PRs attending, and getting a peek at some fabulous new products including the cool new LeapPad from LeapFrog, that I so want one for my son for Christmas and some cool new HP e-printers... my home office could use one of those too!

Ubisoft also promised to send us some games for us to try out and tell you about, so lets hope they keep their promise, because I can't wait to tell you what Dance Juniors and the sequel to Your Shape Fitness Evolved are like!! Eeeeeek!

I did look like a Christmas tree when I came home though with all the goodies I got, one of my favourites was the LeapFrog Fridge Farm which seriously entertains my 2 year old and my 5 year old too! He's actually learning about farms this half term in school so that was handy. Gosh I sound like a LeapFrog advocate!

I did forget to mention cupcakes, everyone loves cupcakes, our waistlines don't but we do so no wonder they were very popular at Cybermummy with HP, Johnsons Baby and Lego all indulging us with fabulous and yummy cupcakes.... Oooh the HP ones were the most delicious but the Lego ones, although tiny were the most fun to look at...

If we didn't meet this year at Cybermummy this year make sure to watch out for me next year. If we did meet make sure to comment so I can do a post on all the people I met and introduce you to everyone else too!

A big thanks to who were my sponsors this year, it was a pleasure to be sponsored by a company who's products I believe in. I cannot recommend them enough as I have had my website with them for over a year, do pay them a visit if you are in need of a website!
Maybe they will sponsor me again next year too ;)
Monica x


Sonia said...

Hi Hon! It was lovely to meet you - just a shame it was at the end of the day! I found it really difficult by then as I had been talking to people all day long and just wanted to sit and drink LOL! Still there 'll always be next year :O)

Sonia aka @mummy_loves xx

angelsandurchinsblog said...

Great pics (did the tables look that pink?) and nice overview. I've never been convinced by Leapfrog in the past, so interested to read about a new product.

Booperkit said...

Hiya- it''s me! Nice post, and nice to have met you!

A Modern Mother said...

So glad you enjoyed it!

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