Friday, 19 August 2011

Mini Lalaloopsy!! Sooooo cute...

Seriously... how cute is this?! When I was offered this to review, I thought I have to have it!!!
Never mind the kids, such a terrible mother aren't I? Well I couldn't let anyone see me playing with it by myself so of course I had to give it to the kids and play with them, otherwise my husband would think I'm bonkers, naturally!

Since then I looked at and the website is just as cute as the dolls AND I found a whole new range including a tree house which I sooooo want, for the kids of course.

Yes, ahem, diverting from the real purpose here, a review of course.

First, I mean after me showing my obsession already, I should tell you a bit more about them.
These cute 3” Mini Lalaloopsy™ dolls have moveable arms, legs and head. They each come with their own cute pet and accessories. The Dolls are priced around £5.99 and suitable for ages 4 plus.
Also available in the range are the fun Mini Lalaloopsy™ playsets, which include the Crumbs’ Tea Party™ set we got and others, priced at around £9.99.

There are many other accessories in the set like a ferris wheel, a tree house and so on, you can create your own little magical world, where houses are askew, animals are unusual sizes and colours, and everything is made from fabrics, buttons and thread, ahem, that came out wrong, I meant create it for your kids of course.

I really wanted my kids to love this, I love sewing and I love baking, so Crumbs really appealed to me and lets say brought out my inner child.

Luckily my kids loved it, I was relieved otherwise my excuse to collect and play with these would have soooo disappeared!

My daughter instantly started squealing when she saw it, and didn't stop bugging me until I opened it. They both loved playing with it, the only negative thing I found about it was that the chair legs come off, I think its good that you can separate the chairs and the table apart so you can store it away in a box while you are not playing with it but the chair legs are so teeny weeny they easily get lost.

Apart from that minor detail we are totally in love with these and we really want to collect these!
My Funny Bunny Rating: 9/10

If you want to get your hands on your own Mini Lalaloopsy (love the name by the way!) you can now find them in most toy stores or on Amazon.

Monica x


Lillipops said...

So cute and nice.


"Luckily my kids loved it, I was relieved otherwise my excuse to collect and play with these would have soooo disappeared!" haha.. I TOTALLY know what you're saying! we love Lalaloopsy too :)

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