Saturday, 20 August 2011

Boots Active Stretch Nappies Review

We were sent a pack of these nappies to try out, with my daughter a 2 year old girl.
In my opinion these performed just as well as the leading brand we normally use, there were no leaks, they seemed comfortable and absorbed everything well.

They had fun bear designs on them which my daughter was delighted with and were easy to fasten & kept fastened while in use. The stretchy parts on the sides of the nappy had just the right amount of stretch.

I am not sure how these perform on boys as my little girl has had very few problems with nappies while my son had all sorts when he was a baby.

Based on my experience with a whole pack of 24, I definitely give the thumbs up, they performed as well as the brand we normally use.

They are on special offer at the moment in Boots, at £8.00 for 2 packs of these, so pretty good value.

My Funny Bunny Rating: 10/10

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