Sunday, 11 September 2011

Baby & Children's Markets Taking Over the UK!

Leanne and Steve Taylor set up Baby & Children's in the UK after starting a family in Australia, they found pre-loved markets helped them save a fortune and snap up all the baby equipment, clothes and toys their family needed for less.

"We've got about 16 mums on the books at the moment, organising and running successful markets in their home towns." says Steve.

The concept is simple: each market features stalls of cut-price baby essentials. Mums can sell on pre-loved, pre-owned items their children have grown out of; small businesses and mumpreneurs can book a stall to sell their wares; and, best of all, mums can mix and mingle while they pick up a bargain.

"The customer base is endless as there are always new mums or new families moving into an area," says Steve "Our existing mums tell us the markets are really sociable events, where people can meet like-minded mums and get support and advice, while shopping for a bargain or clearing the clutter."

We all have to be more savvy with our savings nowadays and this new network of markets offers more than just a day out. You can simply come to shop; hire a stall to clear outgrown and preloved baby and children's equipment to raise cash.

Their latest addition is Essex, this area is being run by Monica Strydom, a very enthusiastic mumpreneur who already has other businesses on her belt, one of them a children's online retail store.

"I am very excited about bringing the Baby & Children's Market to Essex, specially in the current economic climate, our local parents need this! We plan to have these events very regularly." says Monica "Our first event is planned to be before Christmas to help parents get some extra cash for shopping in this pocket aching season, it will also help local small businesses."

If you are in Essex you can join Monica on the Baby and Children's Market - Essex page here.

Why spend a fortune on the high street when you can buy a bargain and make friends at a Baby And Children's Market?

For a full list of Baby and Children's Markets, check out their website or their Facebook page

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Anonymous said...

We went to the Totton market at the weekend.

What really impressed us was that there was stuff for the kids to do. (An entertainer and colouring area) We have been to other markets (NCT etc)and they do nothing for the kids.

Got a couple of bargains too!

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