Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Say 'Thank You' to your midwife

Some of us had midwives that were a pain in the bottom, some of us were hacked like we were a cow in the butchers and weren't so lucky (I personally know at least one lady, that was treated like that!) and don't really give a rat's ** about the midwife that took part in our birth and would slap her if we ever saw her again.

Hopefully majority of us had a nice midwife, I hope, that treated us with respect and care.

Image Courtesy of NHS
The midwife that assisted in my daughters birth, just over 2 years ago was one of those.
She respected my wishes and almost didn't touch me and my daughter on my hospital water birth, with very little intervention, many kind words and encouragement, I gave birth to my daughter myself with the midwife only assisting the baby after she was born and I had a chance to hold her for a few minutes... I took my daughter out of the water and held her close to my body and it was the best feeling in the world.

It was thanks to my midwife that day that the room was quiet with only ambient music, and my birth was a pleasant (it did hurt like hell but I prefer not to concentrate on that!) experience.

Nothing like my boys birth (my first) which was a right nightmare. I actually feel rubbish that I didn't do more for my midwife, other than say thank you on that day. I sadly can't even remember her name, to do something now.

But if you gave birth recently and remember your midwife's name or simply don't have a mushy brain like me... you could still do something nice for your midwife!!

Send her a nice gift or perhaps nominate her for an award? Or both?

The Royal College of Midwives are holding their Annual Midwifery Awards 2012 and you can nominate your midwife over at, closing date is 26 September 2011.

Was your midwife lovely or a terror? Would you hug her or bash* her?

Monica xx

*Bashing not actually endorsed, please don't bash anyone as this generally lands people in prison!

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