Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Help 5yr old Chiane fight a rare Brain Cancer

Today I saw this video (below) on my friend's profile on facebook, she's a friend of Chiane's family, the video shows part 3 of Chiane's journey so far. A 5 year old little girl going through radiotherapy for her rare brain cancer, it moved me a great deal.

My family is also going through a cancer ordeal with an older member of the family, I usually keep it to myself but it's been very tough, I can't image what this family is going through with such a young child.

I have a five year old boy so this really hit home, as it probably will if you have a young child too.

Chiane is a little trooper, I hope she continues to be strong throughout all of her ordeal and well done to her family and friends for the support they give.

Please do help Chiane raise £100k for her special operation in the USA, anything would help, even just £1 will help them get closer to their target.


Find out more about Chiane and her journey on her website

Visit for more info on Chiane's journey fighting cancer.

Monica x

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