Friday, 10 February 2012

OTONE Aporto USB Powered 2.0 Speakers Review

OTONE is a UK founded company that are rapidly becoming a leading name in audio world with products designed to please gamers and hi-fi fanatics. 

OTONE have just released a new portable speaker that was distinctively designed for travelling and is also cleverly disguised as a micro system. The unit can be easily connected via USB and 3.5mm connection cables that are supplied. Aporto will be available online from for £34.99.

Gadget Dad Verdict:

A lot of speaker systems claim that they are versatile and meet the needs of their users but don't always meet those needs. These speakers look stylish and I have had a couple of friends ask where I got them from.

Setup was easy and it is only a simple matter of plugging the sleek cylinder type shape speakers into the USB port of your laptop or computer for power and the 3.5mm jack for the sound to find their way through the good quality speakers. You can alternatively power the unit with batteries if you would like to use these on your iPhone or iTouch while in the park or on the move, wherever you need music to lighten up a cloudy day.

The clever design team of OTONE made sure this speaker unit will surely not go unnoticed. With a light pull the two speakers separate from the unit and presto you now have a micro system! I really like this clever design feature and i am sure other users of this product will love this feature too. It surely sets it apart from the rest.

The speakers do what they are supposed to do for the size and
 play good quality sound when you need to go portable!


  • Very clean and unique tube shape speaker unit.
  • Truly portable where some other manufacturer units fail, you can also use batteries.
  • Cleverly hidden "Micro System" setup.
  • Clever little pull out stand.
  • Could improve a bit on the quality of the plastic grey bit that is exposed when the speakers are pulled apart.
Gadget Dad Rating: 7/10

Till next time
Gadget Dad

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