Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Our New Boutique - A 'mood board'

Yes, you read it right.... our very own boutique!

Not an online shop... we have had one of those for a while now, our very own actual bricks and mortar shop. I am absolutely delighted but absolutely terrified at the same time, our budget is small but with family and friends helping (hint, hint) we will do a great job!!

So here is my 'mood board' for the look I want to achieve with the shop, Inspired by The White Approach, I must admit that I secretly wish that Karen lived near me and was my absolute best friend as I would so steal her to help me with setting up the shop ( I could also hire her if I had the budget of course!)...

 I love these flowers, I couldn't buy them now even if I find them (which I haven't) as I imagine they would be expensive... but I would love to have these in the shop, either to sell or as decor!
 I am aware this is a kitchen... but this is the colour palette I have in mind, perhaps add a baby yellow in the mix too but it would be just for accents as the main background of the boutique is going to be white :)
 I just liked this picture... I would love to have my house so.... light, I am determined for our boutique to be light and airy!
 Too pretty, Imagine all those bright children's items against the white background!!

Everything will gorgeously stand out.... I'm in dreamland...
 Forget about the accessories on it, forget about the colour of the wall...

The unit is fabulous and I would love to find something similar in a second hand shop or car boot sale for a few quid that I could jazz up.

I will then look fabulous with kids jewellery & accessories on it!
 Another inspiring photo :)
 Again another light and airy room with white, white, white & lots of splashes of colour!

So what do you think?

I haven't seen anything like it in our area, that is for sure!

M x

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cheekyhandmades said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

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