Friday, 5 July 2013

Abortion - At 19 Weeks... Is it a baby?

A very delicate topic, with very delicate images.

At 19 weeks a baby is already a baby, I am 'pro-life' and I have always been.
I think only in extreme situations, where there is a serious problem where the mother may loose her life at birth for example, it is only then that termination should be considered, but even then it is obviously a serious matter.

So please take care, if you don't want a baby. If you do fall pregnant by accident and really don't want the baby then give birth and give it for adoption, there are many couples that can't have a baby and would love the child like their own and give it everything.

So don't refer to the child in your tummy as a foetus and think it's ok to murder it, it really is not ok. To me it's murder, full stop.

I know someone that had a couple of abortions, because her partner didn't want kids.
Sadly her husband died and she was left with no children and lives in her home all alone. Now almost 80 years old and with a very bad heart, she feels alone and like nobody cares for her.
She regrets her decision forever. It's very sad.

Let that not be you, if you are thinking of an abortion, please don't. I beg you reconsider.

You see, even at just 19 weeks, although too little to survive outside the mother's miraculous body... A BABY is still a BABY.

Walter at 19 weeks - Lexi & Joshua's beautiful baby

Read Lexi's account of her experience meeting her baby boy here, hopefully this will give you a different perspective.

Even if this post changes just one decision and saves just one life, it's all worth it.

M x

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Missy Neveradullmoment said...

wow that picture is disturbing but making the decision to get rid of a baby is a difficult one to keep or understand fully until in that situation. As a mother i see both sides. Many parents with addictions pass on disorders to their babies (giving them a bad life no matter who adopts) so when they choose to abort early on, its the best decision. I'm not saying it is the right decision for all, i have considered an abortion twice (from bad relationships/situations) but miscarried naturally (feels like god was looking over my shoulder) as i couldnt live with the guilt. But the guilt factor encourages women who dont want the children and cannot be responsible parents to get attached to them after carrying them for 9 months, they then grow up with a bad lifestyle and a mom who kept them out of guilt. It takes a strong person to give up for adoption (my aunt adopted her nieces 2 children). I now have 3 children and another on the way, i could never abort now, but every lady has the right to her own choice. Was good reading your view though :-)


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