Sunday, 7 July 2013

Cricut Mini Review

Father's Day Card made with the Cricut Mini
We got a Cricut Mini a short while ago, my mum has one of these cutting machines (it's not a Cricut) so I was very excited to get to 'play' around with my very own one.

I installed it into my mac and following the instructions that came with the Cricut it was simple and quick.

We have been very busy at MFB headquarters, so as Father's Day was around the corner we decided to make a card for my dad. We logged in to the Cricut Craft Room and found an awesome Father's Card, centred it on the page on the screen & voila... told the machine to cut it!

Mega simple, amazing, never thought it would be that easy.

After that it was just taking it off the cutting mat (comes with the machine) very carefully and folding it neatly with a ruler.

A very simple but impressive card that took only a few minutes to make! My dad loved it.

I have lots to discover on this machine, tons of designs available and I already have quite a few ideas of things that I want to make. I am really excited.

So far I haven't encountered any difficulties, I will show you what I make next with it as I got myself some really pretty papers to try out some stuff.

Cricut Mini
If you want to find out more about Cricut do visit their website, they also have a 'Project Centre' which gives you lots of ideas of things to make... I've already spent ages on it looking at all the awesome things you can make!

M x

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