Sunday, 1 February 2009


So whats a MAMA BAG?

Its what I like to call my multi use Baby Changing Bag / Diaper Bag!

As a mother myself, prenant now for the second time, I am really tired of seeing all the snazzy Baby changing bags that cost £50 + and you can only use really while your baby is a baby, after that its bye bye to your money cause even on ebay you wont get much for your £50+ bag!

So yes out of that I designed the Mama Bag, a beautiful multi use bag, really strong & spacious.

Mama bags are great, really spacious with a large pocket, strong and with wide straps so they dont dig into your shoulder.

You can use them to pack your bits for hospital, then as a baby changing / diaper bag & when baby time is over...use it as a spacious handbag or shopping bag!

Say no to pricey baby diaper bags that are useless after you dont need them for the baby!

This one is really nice, one of a kind, with soft thick fabric with a thin rubber backing for a little water resistance, patterned lining for beauty all over, both fabrics don't crease easily!

You can find it in

1 comment:

PrincessZelda said...

Great looking, practical bag and you're right, a very good value. Considering that so many of us are counting pennies these days, that attractive price a real bonus for busy Moms.

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