Friday, 13 February 2009

I Love that you are my husband

A cute little purchase on Etsy!

I wanted to thank my husband for his undoubted devotion, to me, his son and the baby (girl) in my belly.

Sure I tell him I love him each and every day and do my part as a loving wife & mummy, but when you have someone working very hard and sometimes not having much time off, as has been my hubby's case, we can all get a bit grumpy!

He gets grumpy because he is tired, I get grumpy because I miss him and get unhappy because I am by myself and my world seems like its just these walls! I can't drive or at least don't have a driving license yet & don't have a car to use even if I did, so yes it can get a bit clostrophobic and since the weather is rubbish & quite cold, me and the little one don't get out much when daddy is not home!

My son can get a bit grumpy too because he thinks he is gonna get to spend time with daddy and then daddy gets asked to do overtime, so he isn't home when he expects him to be!

It can all get a bit fuzzy and sometimes we don't show as much appreciation as we mean to... because the "I love you" at the end of the day is always there, I felt I needed to do something different to show my appreciation, so he would really notice!

So I got him this beautiful note to give him, from uniqueartpendants on Etsy.

It comes in a silver box and its printed on parchment paper with a little rice paper origami peace crane (which you can choose from different colors).
When it arrived I was delighted with it and when my hubby got home, I got my son (almost 3) to give it to him. My hubby loved it and it hit the right note, he got the message and gave us both a hug.

As he is the loving husband that he is, he always knows when to say "We will all get through this together" and it always makes me feel better.
I wanted a different way to touch his heart as he touches mine so many times.

Yes Emile, if you are reading this, I love you and I will always and forever, my sweetheart, thanks for the 8 years (so far) that you have devoted to us.

*The pic is me and my hubby Emile with my son when he was 1 (in white) in South Africa with his grandma and niece, whom I love dearly too.
Monica xxx
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TiLT said...

so sweet. I can relate to the grumpy household when someone is off working lots. I'll have to go check out that etsy shop - thanks for posting it

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