Sunday, 22 March 2009


Ok I am now officially a fabric addict... they say the first step to getting cure is owning up to your addiction but I am definately not gonna get cured.

I had a bit of a little fetish for japanese fabric but never gave in due to the fact that I just couldn't find a good selection at the right price...well now I have!

I have been extremely busy making all sorts of new stuff to "properly launch" My Funny Bunny, going at it full swing now. Got a fair next w/e and the w/e after and really have to go for it!!!!

We have loads of new stuff coming up which is really exciting and amazing but I am first gonna go to the shows and then put it up on Misi (in £) and Etsy (in $)! So for a sneak preview you will have to visit us at the Handmade Cambridge Fair!

So there you have it, my beautiful new fabrics (I borrowed the pics, hope they don't mind!), I bought them just half an hour ago and I allready so anxious to get them! Apparently they post them out the next day by 1st class so should get them in time to make lots of goodies!
I will also have a sneak preview of our next give away donator soon, so keep an eye out!
Don't forget you can still enter this months give away here!!
Ta for now! Monica xxx


TiLT said...

cute the piggies!!

ritasmeeta said...

Those are all so cute! I just got some of that owl fabric myself! :D Hahahaha. I totally know what you mean about being a fabric addict O_o it's taking over my house!

urban craft said...

I too am a fabric addict but you got some good ones.

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