Thursday, 6 May 2010

Koala Baby Hammock

We are very excited to introduce to you one of our new nursery products! 
A baby hammock!

The Koala set includes a baby hammock and stand which allows babies to be close to their parents anywhere within the house, in the garden or on holiday.

Koala is light-weight and can be set up quickly and easily. 
This way, active parents can relax anywhere while their babies are swinging comfortably and happily, being able to observe attentively and with interest what is happening around them.

You can accessorise your Koala with the "Sunny Cacao" (above) or the "Sunny" hammock cushion.

This is something soft and cuddly for the little hammock lovers!
Turn the AMAZONAS baby hammock into a cozy napping place even on colder days with the SUNNY inlay with the insulating thermo filling consisting of hollow fiber and the smooth cotton flannel.

A stunning addition to your home, the Koala baby hammock is not only beautiful but also the ultimate in comfort for your baby.

Suitable from birth to 9 months, it cradles your baby so they feel secure and the motion gets them to sleep.

It is easy to assemble and put away, it packs up small compared to travel cots, which makes it great for travelling & lounging at home.

Made from natural materials it is also eco friendly and made in Brazil under fair labour.

1 comment:

Funnybanana said...

shanme my youngest baby is 20 years old, and none of my older babies have a baby of their own schedule for soon, as I would certainly get them one. At the first sign of pregnancy in the family I will be on to it. Cute little thing.......... AND IS CHEAP TOO.....

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