Monday, 21 June 2010

Give them Seedboms and....Kabloom!!

War here, war there, war everywhere.... Sadly there are wars in many places and in my opinion they usually are for all the wrong reasons.

That is what I think about when bombs are mentioned and obviously it brings sadness to my heart. Well no more is that the case! Not when I heard about Seedboms !!!

Let us tell you a bit about them... Seedboms are friendly bombs ready to explode with flower power. Tools for  responsible rebels and guerrilla gardeners in the war against weary wastelands.

Join forces with nature in the fight to transform lifeless spaces with a blast of colour!

"Seedboms put the power to beautify in the hands of everyone” says Richard Reynolds from

Seedboms are handmade in the UK from locally reclaimed and recycled materials such as post consumer paper, egg boxes. They also contain organic peat free compost, organic fertiliser and a selection of easy to grow flower seeds. 

Seedboms break down over time and completely biodegrade into the environment!

Seedboms are in a pack of 4, each pack contains the following flower seed varieties:
Native wildflower mix, Nasturtium Peach melba, Cornfield annual mix & Sunflower incredible.
Packaging contains a minimum of 90% post consumer recycled waste, is produced from chlorine free (EFC) pulp and is printed using vegetable based inks.

So there it is!!! What do you want more?!

They are also great to play with your kids, definitely an exciting new way of growing flowers! Take them somewhere that they can throw it and go back to check on the progress of the flowers!!!

They are great for a totally eco alternative to party bag fillers, there are 4 in a pack (each with their own gift tag!) so not so costly as you give one out per child and you can be sure no one will forget your party!!! Stand out from the crowd...all the mummies will be talking about your party.

Not only will you give a great totally biodegradable gift (you will be helping the environment) but you will also give the best gift ever... an opportunity for those kids to spend some extra quality time with their parents (to try them out of course ;) )! 

Super awesome I say!!!

So go on... THROW IT & GROWN IT! ................. KABLOOM *explosion sound effects* ;)

You can get your very own seedboms right now at

Monica xx

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