Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Wilko Suncare Products Review

We tested both Wilko Suncare Aftersun Lotion & Kids Moisturising Sun Lotion spf 50, both 200ml bottles.

Available at or your local store

These products are gently fragranced, I am not a great fan of added smells but I must say that the aftersun lotion smells great!

The aftersun lotion feels nice and cool when you put it on your skin and it actually looks kinda gel like until you start spreading it, then it actually magically turns into a white cream!! It does feel nice and moisturising too, my hands and arms felt silky smooth.

Although I must say I wasn't really sunburnt in the first place, it did feel nice and fresh after being out in the sun. It does contain Aloe Vera and Vitamin E which is a plus too.

The Kids sun lotion is purple!!! Yes purple!!!

My son is not a big fan of putting on creams and stuff like that, he is 4 and he literally ran away from me when I said I wanted to put cream on him for the sun! Lol  

I had to run after him and try to convince him about it... no luck though, until I said it was special purple cream...yes the purple cream won him over, he said he liked it cause it was "pretend paint" and then he proceeded to "painting" himself with it!! 

Yes, he was now covered in it and it was time to rub it in, it did take a while longer to rub it in but eventually he wasn't purple anymore!
It does make your skin smell nice afterwards but I just can't help thinking that its unnecessary "fake" smell... would be better if it was naturally fragranced, lavender would have been a good idea to go with the purple.

  • Price, cheap compared to other leading brands
  • Smell nice 
  • Contains Aloe Vera & Vitamin E (aftersun lotion)
  • High SPF (sun lotion)
  • Purple colour attractive for the kids (sun lotion)
  • water resistant (sun lotion)
  • Advice on back of the bottle for sun protection & what times to avoid exposure (sun lotion)
  • Contains Parabens
  • Contains Parfum instead of natural fragrance
  • Not easily absorbed (sun lotion)

We can't advise on how good it is in terms of protection from the sun as we did not over expose ourselves or the kids obviously! 

It's great considering the price! Cheap & does the job, great if you are on a budget.

Monica x

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