Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Boppy Feeding and Infant Support Pillow from Chicco

I got a one of these nursing pillows from Chicco the other day, I wasn't sure what print I would get as it was just random but I got a lovely pink one as shown above.

These are stunning baby nursing / breastfeeding pillows, they are not too hard and not too soft... just the right "fluffiness" in fact. I had a different one that one of my friends borrowed me when my little one was born and I had to give it right back as it was far too hard and not very comfortable at all!

It comes in a nice reusable plastic carrier type bag with handles, great for storing while not in use to keep it all nice and clean, great for to take it in the car for use at grandma's or a friend's house!

You can use it all the way from birth to 9m+

Use it for nursing baby from birth and laying baby on it like a little nest so you can play with him or her.

From around 6 months you can use it to put the baby on its front for some tummy time, so they can get their muscles strong and ready for crawling.

From around 9 months you can use it for baby to learn to sit up.

All in all a great piece of kit as you can expect to use it for about 9 months depending on baby's development! The outer cover is washable and has a zip so it's great for keeping the pillow nice and clean. You always buy extra covers to change them if you want, specially useful if you have another child!

I went to their website to check it out (www.boppyworld.co.uk) and I found this really cool overview of the pillow, like a 360 degree thingy... its cool, check it out 3D overview, it sort of gives you an idea of what the pillow is like.

A recommended item for new mothers and mothers to be, makes a great gift too!

I also found this really fun game...funny too...its exactly how it is when you are a first time mummy!!!

Requires Flash Player

I found it here http://www.boppyworld.co.uk/MomsRevengeBlog.aspx, you can share it with your friends too! Its such a laugh, and every new mother deserves some fun in between all the hard work we put in with the babies!

Anyway, take care of yourself and I hope to bring you more product reviews soon!

Monica x

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