Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Make some extra $$££ on Twitter

So for all of you twitter fans and fanatics I thought I would let you know how to make a bit of extra money on twitter.

No automated tweets or anything like that, just sponsored tweets that you choose if you want to tweet or not... simple as that, no one uses your account automatically, you have to personally authorise and on some of them even write the tweet yourself.

So... you get paid to tweet what you want to and what is relevant to your audience!

The ones I recommend are Ad.ly and Sponsored Tweets

To date I have made $18, I know its not a lot but I am very selective with my tweets as I of course only choose sponsors that I feel are relevant and interesting to my audience!

Or alternatively if you think your message is relevant to my audience you can always Sponsor me! ;)

Ta ta for now...

Monica x

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